Dear Buyers:

Welcome to 7Euclid.com. We purchased 7 Euclid in June of 2009 as “first time homebuyers” fresh out of grad school. Over the past four years we have loved the privacy of our yard in the summer, building fires in the winter, weekend walks to the Madison Café, reading by the pond, grabbing dinner at The Point or Junior’s, and generally enjoying the best neighborhood in Albany. So you may be wondering…

Why are you selling?
We are expecting another baby, and decided that the time was right (low interest rates, low prices) to look for a home with more space for crazy kids. This was a hard choice, because we really love this house.

Where is the driveway?
There is no driveway! To be perfectly honest, the lack of a driveway was a concern for us in buying this house, but we have never looked back. After three years in Center Square, we wanted to avoid the “parking wars” associated with city living, but since living on Euclid, we have never had an issue with parking. Being the one house on the street without a driveway means there’s no competition! Even better, NO SHOVELING! You can clear off the sidewalk in about three minutes and be on your way; by the time you get home, the City of Albany will have cleared the street!

What’s with the Greenhouse? 
Good question. Sometime in the 1970’s someone decided to put on a greenhouse. We use it to store the lawnmower and garden tools, plus firewood in the winter – it’s a handy little room!

The upstairs bath is interesting.
That’s not a question. But YES, the upstairs bathroom is funny, but it has character. We have price quotes from contractors to re-do the bathroom ($3,500 – see below), and decided that rather than putting in a boring bathroom, we would drop the price of the house accordingly. Needless to say, everything up there works perfectly, so there’s no rush!

Does Betty Draper know you stole her kitchen?
We are avid cooks, and appreciate that the kitchen might be “kitschy.” One thing we have realized, however, is that it is built like a tank! Those counters might be old, but they are rock solid! Same with the cabinets. And the stainless steel edging has really grown on us.

This house lends itself to happy times, and we truly hope you can make some memories here.


Molly & Sam Breslin

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